Ever since I was a child intuition and grace have guided my life. I have always sensed the magic and mystery that is alive in this world, and  been blessed with feeling a living connection to the divine.  

As long as I can remember I have felt a call to offer service and healing.  And this call has guided many of my life choices and areas of study and experience.  I received an MA in Clinical Psychology and am a certified practitioner in the  Hakomi Body-Centered Method of personal growth and transformation.  At one point in time I was working toward becoming a traditional therapist as a way to answer the call to service and also  became a Reiki Master and teacher more than a decade ago.


Then there was a profound and lasting spiritual deepening and awakening that occurred in the spring of 2011.  This experience, in addition to healing me of crippling  life-long anxiety, opened my heart and my eyes to see that my gifts were really using my ability to sense other peoples energy and to read their essence, helping them heal wounds and come into their fullness and wholeness.  

As I continued to do this healing energy work with clients, something profound began to open and shift ...I wrote this recently to try and capture the experience

There are no words




move through me

Enveloping me

the purest, highest vibration

I have ever experienced

Graced by Divine Love 


I find that this pure, high vibrational energy of Divine Love that flows  thorough me can light people up from within ... and it  takes my breath away every time... I feel so incredibly blessed to be a channel for this Angelic Healing work.




  It is not always easy for me to find the language to describe what goes on in a session ...

but if you watch  this 15 second time lapsed video  of a sunrise, this will tell you in 15 seconds what I could not tell you in a thousand words...



The best way to have you know what I do is to let you click here to read the words of people who have had a session with me


As an artist, my work is an expression of the guiding principles of my life and work; Grace, love, spirit, compassion, and limitless potential.  As in most areas of my life, my art is a collaboration between my artistic sensibilities and the guidance that grace provides me.