Divine Love Sessions

more than an angel reading, more than an energy healing...

this is a session to help you come into the center of the truth of who you are .

  • angelic information
  • intuitive guidance
  • energy healing
  • whatever is needed to support you on your journey 

When I enter this sacred space , I am given the gift of seeing  you as whole,  I see your colors, I see your divinity… and the session is really designed to connect you with this energy and allow you to feel into this place within you.  Often blocks become visible… and these I see as colors.. and in the session quite often they are transformed as the healing energy comes in.


A Divine Love Session is a unique energy experience that you will not find anywhere else. During a session I am able to tap into and cleanse your energy field, heal past hurts , soothe physical pain and imbue you with the divine light and love of the angels and of Source. I also receive messages from my guides and the Angelic Realm which may contain insights for you about your current life path and your overall purpose.

I  tap into the energy of the angels while I work on a client and I use this channel to offer these beautiful sessions and create significant changes for those who work with me. I combine many modalities of healing work, energy work, and
my unique gifts to create a magical experience which is tailored to your individual needs and desires. I have spent many years learning many healing techniques and have combined the best of them all plus my own innate gifts into these Divine Love Sessions that are unlike any other energy session you have ever experienced.

I have always known that my purpose in this world is to share my gift as a healer. When I work with a client during a session I am able to harness divine love and light, the power of colors and rainbows and receive gorgeous insights and messages for your growth and healing. In my artistic life I work with my love and understanding of color and light and their magical properties and I utilize this insight when I do my healing work as well. Color, light and energy all vibrate at amazing vibrations and I tap into those vibrations and am able to harness and channel their magic for my client’s greater good in our sessions. 


What to expect from your session :

  • before we meet I go into 1/2 hour meditation and connect with the angels and guides to receive guidance which I will  share with you during the course of the session.
  • often I will intuitively  begin to connect and scan your energy body 
  • I choose the appropriate crystals  that I will work with during the session  to enhance the energetic work that is called for 
  • I then do about 30 minutes of distance energy work followed by 20-30 minutes processing and guidance done by phone
  • as a result of a session often people will feel more themselves…. lighter, clearer, more relaxed, more hopeful, enlivened.

Divine Love Sessions: $444

Only For a Limited Time : Package of 3 Sessions:  $1111

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